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Please have the hospital name, address, room number & gift card message ready.
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Other Cities in Alaska:
 Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Sitka, Badger, Knik-Fairview, College, Wasilla, Lakes

Other Hospitals in Alaska:
Alaska Native Medical CenterAlaska Regional Hospital, St. Elias, Specialty Hospital, Jber Hospital, Providence Alaska Medical Center, Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital

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Send beautiful flowers, get well gifts and healthy fruit baskets to any hospital in Fairbanks.

We deliver right to their hospital bedside.

Please note that sendhospitalgifts.com  is not associated with any particular hospital or nursing home in Fairbanks, we are a flower and gift delivery service only.

We're here to help you welcome a new baby, send your get well thoughts and wishes, or to thank a doctor, nurse or caregiver for providing great care.

We specialize in sending get well flowers, balloons, fruit baskets and gift baskets to Fairbanks hospitals so you can rest assured you are at the right place.

Search our huge selection of fresh flowers, balloons and fruit baskets to find the perfect gift.

Whether you wish to send flowers, balloons or a gourmet gift basket to someone who is recovering at home, or to a private hospital in Fairbanks, we are here to help you send the perfect gift to let them know you are thinking of them and wishing them all the best for their recovery.

Say get well soon and send a healthy get well fruit basket to Fairbanks full of apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple, grapes and other fresh fruit in season.

We also hand-deliver beautiful balloon bouquets to welcome the birth of a new baby and to send your congratulations to the new parents and grandparents.

If you want to send a thank you gift to a nurse or a doctor for the great care they provided to your loved one, we have plenty of gifts and flowers to choose from.

Fairbanks Get Well Be Happy Bouquet $39.95
Be Happy Bouquet
Send this sweet bouquet of fresh daisies and roses including a keepsake mug to
make them smile.
Fairbanks Delivery

Get Well Balloons and Teddy Bear $44.95
Get Well Balloons & Bear
Cute teddy bear comes with 4 Mylar
balloons & is a cuddly get well
gift to send.
Delivered to any hospital in Fairbanks

Health And Happiness Flower Bouquet $39.95
Health & Happiness Flowers
A charming fresh flower arrangement to wish
them a speedy recovery or welcome a new baby Flowers delivered to all Fairbanks hospitals

Send enchanted flower arrangement to Fairbanks Hospitals
Enchanted Flowers
Brighten up a hospital room
or nurses station
with lovely lavender & white flowers.

Fairbanks Orchard Fruit Basket $59.95
The Orchard Fruit Basket
Send a healthy fruit basket to wish
them a speedy recovery
Same day delivery in Fairbanks
Fairbanks Junk Food Gift Basket $49.95
Junk Food Gift Basket
This is a nice get well gift for any
chocolate and junk food connoisseur.
Same day Fairbanks delivery
Colossal Fruit Basket $89.95 Tropical fruit basket
Colossal Fruit Basket
Wonderfully displayed in a beautiful basket, this Colossal Fruit Basket holds the most
luscious domestic and tropical fruits
Fairbanks Fruit & Flowers $54.95
Fairbanks Fruit & Flowers
Send a combination of fruit and flowers or a potted plant to wish them well.
Fairbanks same day delivery
Get Well Balloons and Chocolate $44.95 delivered to Fairbanks hospitals
Get Well Balloons & Chocolate
We will hand-deliver this bright display of balloons that is topped of with a box of gourmet chocolates.
Fairbanks hospital delivery
Six Balloons & Chocolate $54.95
Six Balloons & Chocolate
Send your best wishes with this six balloon bouquet and a box
of gourmet chocolates
A Dozen Balloons & A Teddy Bear
A Dozen Balloons & A Teddy Bear
Make a statement with 12 get well
balloons and a cuddly teddy bear
Fairbanks hospital delivery
Fairbanks New Baby Balloons & Teddy Bear $54.95
New Baby Balloons & Teddy Bear
It's a girl or it's a boy
welcome to the world balloon bouquet

We also deliver to the following
cities near Fairbanks:

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Hospitals near

Alaska Regional Hospital Medical Center
Fairbanks, AK 99508
(907) 276-1131

Providence Alaska Medical Center Hospital
Fairbanks, AK 99508
(907) 562-2211

Alaska Native Medical Center Hospital
Fairbanks, AK 99508
(907) 563-2662

St. Elias Specialty Hospital
Fairbanks, AK 99503
(907) 561-3333

Alaska VA Healthcare System Medical Center
Fairbanks, AK 99504
(907) 257-4700

JBER Hospital
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 580-2778

North Star Behavorial Hospital
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 258-7575

Chris Kyle Patriots Hospital
Veterans Hospital
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 258-7575

Fairbanks Neighborhood Health Center Medical Center
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 743-7200

Providence Family Medicine Center
Family Practice Physician
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 562-9229

Seattle Children's Pediatric Cardiology of Alaska Children's Hospital
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 339-1945

Providence Health Park Pharm Hospital
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 212-6868

Alaska Children's Heart Center
Child Health Care Centre
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 565-2242

Providence Extended Care
Nursing Home
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 212-9200

Southcentral Foundation Hospital
Fairbanks, AK 99508
(907) 729-4955

Alaska Heart Institute LLC Medical Center
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 561-3211

Fairbanks Medical & Surgical Clinic LLC Doctor
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 272-2571

Providence Transitional Care Center Medical Center
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 212-9100

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Social Services Organization
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 729-1900

Women's Care of Alaska
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 279-2273
Florists We May Use
In Fairbanks:

Bagoy's Florist & Home
Fairbanks, AK 99518
(907) 278-1922

Fairbanks Floral Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 243-1000

Flowers By June/ Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 337-1551

Muffy's Flowers and Gifts Florist
Fairbanks, AK 99501
(907) 562-4770

Mylords Floral Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 522-2535

A Special Touch Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 562-4575

Evalyn's Floral Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(800) 669-4820

Alaska Flower Shop Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 561-5277

Uptown Blossoms Florist
Fairbanks, AK 99503
(907) 561-7673

Aurora Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(866) 561-1608

Hummels Flowers Inc Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 272-7857

Flowers For The Moment, Inc. Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 274-4825

Rose Garden & Balloon Arts Florist
Fairbanks, AK 99503
(907) 563-5515

Bloomsbury Blooms Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(907) 350-7536

Fancy Florist Fairbanks Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(813) 666-0752

Flower Delivery Florist
Fairbanks, AK
(866) 683-5224

Elmendorf Flower Shop Florist
Elmendorf AFB, AK
(907) 753-0185

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Do you need a room number to send flowers to a patient in an Fairbanks hospital?
It is generally best if you know the room number of the patient because that way the florist can deliver your gift
to the Patient Visitor Information Desk and a volunteer will be able to take it directly to their room.
If you do not have a room number our florist in Fairbanks is usually able to get it, but it does make things a little bit more difficult.
So, when ordering flowers, fruit baskets or balloons to be delivered to a patient staying in any hospital in Fairbanks it is really
good advise to call the hospital and find out what room they are in BEFORE calling us to place your order.

Can you send flowers to someone in the ICU?
Every hospital in Fairbanks has different policies regarding sending balloons and flowers to a patient that is in ICU.
In some hospitals in Fairbanks it is on a patient by patient basis, in other hospitals they will only allow Mylar balloons and NO Latex.
Some will not allow flowers at all because of the pollen and possible allergies etc. so when sending flowers or balloons to
a patient in ICU it is definitely a good idea to call the hospital BEFORE placing your gift order to be sure they are allowed
to be delivered directly into the room. We can always take your order and hold it until they are released into a regular room.

Our Fairbanks Hospital Gift Shop and local florist offers the world's largest selection of custom fruit baskets, flowers and balloons for same day delivery to any hospital in Fairbanks.

About Fairbanks:

Fairbanks, Alaska’s largest city, is in the south-central part of the state on the Cook Inlet. It's known for its cultural sites, including the Alaska Native Heritage Center, which displays traditional crafts, stages dances, and presents replicas of dwellings from the area’s indigenous groups. The city is also a gateway to nearby wilderness areas and mountains including the Chugach, Kenai and Talkeetna.


How To Send Flowers To A Hospital In Fairbanks Alaska:

If you order flowers to be delivered to a hospital, it's helpful to have the following ready when you call your florist:

  1. The name of the hospital. The patient's name.

  2. Room number (if possible)

  3. When you want the flowers delivered.

  4. Any allergies that the patient may have - some people are allergic to certain types of flowers. Also it is best to send MYLAR balloons instead of latex balloons, especially when sending flowers and balloons to patients who are in intensive care units or ICU.

  5. When sending flowers or balloons or even fruit baskets to a hospital, it is always a good idea to call the hospital first to make sure it is ok for them to receive your gift and if they have any allergies listed.

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